Visit Oakland, California

May 15, 2018

Oakland, California is the largest city located in Alameda County and can be found on the east side of the San Francisco Bay. The city itself is hustling and bustling with activity, and there is a lot to see and do if you’re a visiting tourist. 

One of the best places to have a lot of fun while on vacation is the Oakland Zoo. The Oakland Zoo has a vast collection of animal exhibits that include mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and arthropods. Arthropod species consist of spiders, insects, or crustaceans. One of the Oakland Zoo is bustling with excitement for the Summer of 2018 as they are preparing to add several new animals to their already large list of exhibits. Some of these animals include the Bald Eagle, California Condors, American Black Bears, Gray Wolves, Grizzly Bears, Jaguars, mountain lions, and more. 

Admission into the zoo is free for children aged younger than 2 years, as well as for adults aged 76 and older. For children aged 2 through 14, admission costs $18. For anyone between the ages of 15 through 64, admission is $22. For ages 65 through 74, admission costs are $18. The Oakland Zoo also offers gondola rides for visitors that are free with your paid admission.  Memberships to the Oakland Zoo cost anywhere between $84 to $234, but don’t let the prices avert you, as there are plenty of benefits that come with a membership. Some of the benefits include discounted entry to smaller zoos and aquariums nationwide, free admission into the Oakland Zoo, free parking, and much more than you need to find out for yourself.

Eat at Homeroom

The restaurant named Homeroom went from being a late night homemade mac and cheese fueled dream to a reality in the span of about a year. The owner, Erin Wade, wanted to create a restaurant that gave off a friendly and familiar atmosphere and that serves the best mac and cheese dishes, so she made the dream become a reality and opened Homeroom in 2011. She came up with the name Homeroom due to the class period in school that students spent mingling with their friends. Homeroom also has a schoolhouse theme, and the tables are actually made with pieces of the bleachers from the local high schools in the area. 

Homeroom serves delicious homemade mac and cheese that came straight from Erin’s father’s own personal recipes. Including all kinds of different add-ins on the menu that range from bacon bits to spicy cauliflower to vegan soyrizo, there are tastes of many different cuisines that are included into the newly added adventurous flavors. Some of the menu items contain crab, Italian sausage, garden pesto, buffalo chicken, and much more. Homeroom also serves cold draft beers and wines that were imported from local areas like Santa Cruz, Santa Ana, San Francisco, Berkeley, Sonoma, and more. 

About the Hotel

Located just 15 minutes away from the Oakland Zoo and 22 minutes away from Homeroom is the wonderful Days Hotel Oakland Airport. Their goal is to make sure you feel right at home when you stay in one of their spacious rooms. The Days Hotel Oakland Airport also offers complimentary breakfast, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and much more to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Book a room with Days Hotel Oakland Airport today and get the best rates.